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We purchased our first German Shepherd in 1969, after moving into our first house in Wayland , Massachusetts . She was a beautiful, extremely intelligent, eight week old puppy bitch.  As she grew up we were often asked if we were we going to breed her.  We did not make a serious attempt to finish her Championship, but we recognized that she was a good bitch and was well bred.   While we didnít buy this puppy with the intention of going into breeding, with much encouragement, we took the plunge and bred her in 1971.  We got 8 puppies and were hooked.  The puppies were healthy, had wonderful temperaments and the experience was rewarding for the families who received them and for us, as we learned more about the breed and the objectives of the German Shepherd Dog Club of America (GSDCA).   Since John was from Montana and we lived in Massachusetts we came up with the kennel name of Masstana which we have used ever since. 

 From there we began a program which really got started in a more earnest way when we moved to Ridgefield , CT in 1975.  We are a small kennel, with only four or five adult dogs in residence at any one time.  We generally have one litter a year, but have been successful in breeding and/or owning 10 Best in, or Best Opposite in German Shepherd Dog Club of America Futurities/Maturities.  One of our current champions is Ch Masstana's Karli, who  represents seven generations of our breeding program.  Several of our dogs are behind a US Grand Victor and a Canadian Grand Victor and several Select dogs and bitches.  We have bred or owned 16 AKC Champions to date.

Both Nancy and John have been long time members of the German Shepherd Dog Club of America (GSDCA) and of the German Shepherd Dog Club of Greater New Haven (GSDC of GNH).  John is a past President and current Board Member of the GSDC of Greater New Haven.  In addition John served as a Board Member of one of the nations largest guide dog schools for over 24 years, serving as Chairman for 4 of those years.

We are signers of the GSDCA Breeders Code and stand behind our puppies with written guarantees of health and no disqualifying faults as described in the written GSDCA Standard.  We breed for temperament first and structural soundness second.  We recognize that the majority of our puppies will go into pet homes and, as such, we strive to produce healthy, happy and mentally stable dogs.  At the same time we strive to produce dogs which have strong backs, strong secondary sex characteristics and the fluid strong movement outlined by our Shepherd Standard.  Itís gives us a great sense of satisfaction to occasionally produce everything we are striving for.  It is hard work, but the goal we strive to achieve is well worth the effort. 

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