German Shepherd Puppies in Connecticut!!


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Babies Everywhere.jpg (36656 bytes)
Babies Everywhere
Horseback Riding Puppy.jpg (101637 bytes)
Horseback riding puppy
Masstana's Xena in Pool with friend.jpg (111465 bytes)
Masstana's Xena in pool with friend
Maya in box 1.jpg (29848 bytes)
Maya in the whelping box<
Desi looking at check.jpg (140670 bytes)
Are you gonna be my new Dad?
Desi7mos.jpg (64564 bytes)

Lugar living the life of leisure with Richard & Lindsay in Connecticut.
New Baby to kiss.jpg (81808 bytes)
New baby to kiss
Nickrocks Nikki 002.jpg (20917 bytes)
John Jr with Best Friend Nikki,our first Shepherd, in 1968
Skips daughter wedding with dogs.jpg (116030 bytes)
Masstana's Tiffeny on right with her son Ajax on the left
Karli with young buyer Jan 29 2012.jpg (69542 bytes)
Karli waiting for her litter to be born with Griffin waiting for his pup Feb 2012.
Max with Bele and cousin Feb 2012.jpg (317696 bytes)
Masstana's Maxwell (back left @ 9 months) and friends on farm, 2012 owned by Greg and Julie in Florida. The one in front is NOT his sister!
OJ running to new papa 5.27.12.jpg (95670 bytes)
Kash coming to Papa on May 27 2012 at his new home
kashfamily.jpg (62458 bytes)
Kash meeting his family on May 20th, the first day, in his new home.
Mariah winning 4 points.jpg (123189 bytes)
Ch Masstana's Mariah The Party's On, owned by Glen Murphy and Gail Stiefferman in St. Louis MO
Hans with Fritz cropped.jpg (133116 bytes)
Hans (Masstana's New Years Litter) at 15 weeks and his Uncle Masstana's Fritz.
Paige+pups6.5weeks.jpg (78570 bytes)
Mariah's 5.5 week old puppies with grandaughter Paige
cali1yr.jpg (370155 bytes)
Cali enjoying the life of Riley at the Mazik family
duke sadie.jpg (129142 bytes)
Masstana's Duke (2yrs old) and Masstana's Sadie (4 months) at the Clark family

This could be YOUR new puppy

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